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Women’s REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket Review

The women’s REI rhyolite rain jacket retails at $189 but sometimes goes on sale. You can find it online* and in stores – just make sure to check that it’s available at your preferred location. This rain jacket is available in 7 colors and in sizes XS to XL.

I purchased the women’s REI rhyolite rain jacket on sale in February 2018 for $70.37 – score! I chose the color black so it blends in with the rest of my wardrobe. For size I went with medium, although I usually wear small in most tops. I wanted enough room to wear multiple layers underneath.

Women's REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket Review

Quick note: this review is not sponsored – I’m not compensated in any way – and all opinions and recommendations are my own.

Women’s REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket


• Waterproof

This was the driving factor for my next rain jacket. If it didn’t state that it was waterproof, then it was a no go. Water resistant wasn’t good enough – I wanted full protection from the rain. The women’s REI rhyolite rain jacket has 3-layer waterproof fabric that actually works – really well, in fact. This jacket keeps me completely dry during coastal downpours. The water beads on the surface and doesn’t soak through. A+ in my book!

• Windproof

It’s wind proof up to 60 mph, but I hope to never have to test its limits! I’ve only been out in breezy coastal conditions and appreciated the extra barrier. This rain jacket provides a nice layer of warmth without trapping moisture inside or overheating.

Women's REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket Review

• Lightweight

I didn’t realize how heavy my old rain jacket was until I put on the women’s REI rhyolite rain jacket. My jacket’s weight was never a concern of mine, but now I can feel the difference! This rain jacket weighs in at 11 oz compared to my old one at 17 oz. Every little bit helps!

• High hand pockets

This initially wasn’t on my must-have list when searching for a rain jacket, but it certainly is now. The pockets are high enough on this jacket to allow a hip belt to sit comfortably. So no more bulky zippers underneath or inaccessible pockets.

Women's REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket Review

• Pockets double as vents

The hand pockets are constructed with mesh material, allowing them to function as vents. It lets heat out and keeps you comfortable while on the move. This is convenient if you’re backpacking and don’t want to take off your pack just to peel your jacket. Or if it’s raining while you’re exerting energy and need to stay dry but also cool off.

• Hood stays up

I love the fact that the hood on this jacket actually stays in place! There’s a cord located at the back – not on the sides – to achieve a snug fit. Even when I don’t cinch the cord, the hood does a great job of staying put. It has a rigid panel at the front center that prevents the wind from blowing it off.

Women's REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket Review

• Smooth, sealed zippers

This was another requirement for my next rain jacket. Zippers quickly become a weak spot unless sealed properly. Zipper teeth are permeable, so if maximum protection is high on your list, you’ll want to check for sealed zippers. They’re easy to spot – sealed zippers have a smooth, flexible material over the teeth. This rain jacket has sealed zippers that are easy to open and close.

• Nice color selection

The women’s REI rhyolite rain jacket comes in 7 different colors from dark neutrals to bright colors. Although it doesn’t contribute to the quality of the jacket, I thought it was still worth mentioning. :] I always appreciate when jackets, shoes, and other accessories are available in palatable colors.

Women's REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket Review


• No interior pockets

My old rain jacket has interior pockets as well as most of my past jackets. So I was a little nervous about how this jacket would work for me. Honestly, I haven’t experienced a moment where I wished I had interior pockets. The hand pockets are spacious but don’t provide protection from the rain if you open them for ventilation. Too much gear in the hand pockets may also obstruct air flow, rendering the core vents nonfunctional.

• Noisy

Most rain jackets are at least somewhat noisy. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this. However, I noticed that this jacket does have a louder crinkling sound. I’ve become used to it and it has never bothered me. No one has commented on the sound, either.

• Sleeves run long

Although I ordered a size up, the sleeves still seem a bit long especially when compared to my other jackets. The sleeves touch my knuckles, but I actually like when sleeves go passed by wrists. Plus, there are hook-and-loop fasteners to secure each sleeve at the wrist if needed.

Women's REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket Review


The women’s REI rhyolite rain jacket makes a great addition to your outdoor gear. It’s comfortable, dependable, and classic. Not only does this jacket provide protection from the rain but the wind as well. The lack of interior pockets may be a deal breaker for some, but in my opinion the pros outweigh the cons.

Women's REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket Review

Researching and deciding on new gear is intimidating! Trust me, I get it. I spend hours (days) looking into a product before I purchase. So I hope this review aids you in your search. Feel free to leave me a comment below or contact me with any questions. :]

this is not an affiliate link – I’m not compensated in any way – and all opinions and recommendations are my own

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