A story for every adventure

As a little girl I would spend hours in my room writing multi-chapter books, illustrating my short stories, and outlining future projects. So many of my stories described wild adventures I could only dream of experiencing.

While I wasn’t daydreaming, writing, and drawing, I was crafting. I was introduced to sewing, cross stitch, knitting, and other crafts at a young age. My nanny (she would often refer to herself as “Bri” or “Briminnie”) taught me how to sew and cross stitch while my mom taught me how to knit. All other crafting pursuits were self taught and fueled by this early introduction to creativity.

My parents raised my brothers and me with many camping and hiking trips every year. We loved exploring the campgrounds, running through the forests, and riding our bikes. I admit that as kids we sometimes grumbled as we trudged down the hiking trail, but little did I know how these experiences would instill an everlasting sense of adventure in me.

Now as an adult, I can’t wait to hit the trail! I love to document my hiking and backpacking trips and share them with others. You can read my latest adventures here.

Rosary Lakes, Oregon




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